Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thrifting and a lazy outfit.

Both Friday and Saturday I woke up early to get some deals. Friday, a local thrift store was having it's first of a month sale, making all clothes only $1.00. Anton and I went there around 8am, and waited in line for an hour (it was a big deal!) and we scored about 20 pieces of clothes. I got a pretty vintage coat, and Anton got a thick wool vintage navy coat among other great things. Saturday I woke up to my best pal calling me saying there was a huge rummage sale at the retirement complex on the other side of town. Most everything there was a quarter to a dollar, and the old folks running the sale were so cute.
Here are a few of the treasures!

Once I got home Saturday afternoon, I got dressed in some lazy clothes and lounged around all day knitting.

Outfit Details
Shirt - American Apparel (I think it is actually Chrys's!)
Shorts - F21
Hat - Anton's
Shades - Anton's
Moccasins - Thrited


  1. What great finds! I need to find out if the local thrift stores near me have $1 clothing days.

  2. you are too cute! where do you live? the thrifting near you sounds a-mazing! would love to come shopping with ya, hehe!

  3. Can't wait to get a car and go op-shopping. Then I won't have my bf whinging when we've been there an hour :P
    I remember when op-shops used to be fill a bag for a dollar... sigh.
    Love the little floral shorts :)