Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Estate Sale Dress

Outfit Details
Dress - Estate Sale find!
Belt - Off a pretty flannel my grandma got me
Shoes - Chrystina's

Anton and I spent two hours on Monday at a truly magical estate sale. This building that had been closed since I was little (I've lived in this town my whole life) has an "Estate Sale" sign out front and I was so ecstatic to go in! The old couple had owned the building and made it a thrift store in the 50's, but they both passed away 17 years ago, closing the store. They finally opened the doors to it this past weekend. It seemed like everything in there had been frozen in time..Anton and I joked around that we felt like we were American Pickers (I love that show!) Everything was in piles and covered in dust..All the clothes were mostly in pristine conditions, I must of got 25 things (all for $1! each) I came home dusty, grumpy with arms sore from digging, but I had a blast!


  1. 25 things for $1? I would be in thrifting heaven! Is it still going on for I would so make the drive out there.

  2. You've got a nice blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  3. Sounds amazing and your dress looks it too!
    Did someone pinch you to make sure? ;)

  4. That sounds so awesome! I would have loved that!