Wednesday, October 13, 2010

These Boots....

Outfit Details
Shirt - Vintage..Found at estate sale
Pants - Forever 21
Boots - Vintage
Belt - Off a vintage dress
Purse - Vintage, also found at an estate sale.

I have had these red boots for a few weeks now, and everytime I would try to put an outfit together with them I would feel silly. I found this shirt digging around in this estate sale, and I knew instantly my boots would be able to see the light of day! I adore the print and the collar of this shirt, I think the turtle are so cute!

My sister, who is ten took my photos and was so proud of them!


  1. I like how the boots add a pop of color. Your sister is quite the photographer.

  2. i love how vintagey you are.
    so cuteee! :)

    xx elanor

  3. Love those boots! And that shirt is amazing!

    Never feel silly in those boots, they will be great with fall browns and winter blacks!

    And your sister is too cute! Great photos!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  4. i am loving those red boots, they are hot!

  5. I love that your sister took your photos! :)
    Mine would love to take mine...but my fam lives 6 hours away.

    Those boots and purse are super lovely!

  6. Those are lovely colors and your sisters is such a doll!
    <3, Jo

  7. I am IN LOVE with your top and your shoes. That pattern on the top is just perfect and I love the red boots.

  8. you always have the cutest vintage finds, i'm so jealous!

    and it's so cute that your sister took your pictures! i've tried to get my brother to take mine a couple of times and after the first one he's always like, "are we done yet? do you really need more than one picture? i don't get it." :)