Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthday Boy

Friday, October 8th was Anton's Birthday! Thursday night, my dad gave him his gift since he wouldn't of seen him on frinday due to working. Look at what happens next.

Anton's always wanted a bb gun, and once my dad heard that, he knew it would be the perfect gift to get him! Anton's mother wouldn't let him ever get one as a child, and now we all know why, haha. A few shots off of our front porch, and he shot out the window of my dad's van! We all had a good laugh and my dad wasn't mad. We just need to get it repaired over the weekend.

The next morning I surprised Anton with covering our room and his car in balloons. I got him a few gifts that he really loved and I baked him a cheesecake (his favorite recipe here!). After we took the girls to school, we came home and slept until noon..Once we were awake and ready, we went and ate breakfast at Denny's. I guess when it's your birthday, you get a free grand slam! Pretty radical. We sat and talked in Starbucks for a while and went to a few thrift stores, then he was off to work!

Now for outfits! My little brother wanted to be in the photos toooo.

Outfit Details
On Kass
Dress - Vintage (only $3, i had to sew up the side seam though)
Belt - Off a 70's bathing suit, haha
Shoes - Chrystina's
Sunnies - Anton's

On Anton
Shirt - Vintage
Pants - Levis
Bow Tie - Vintage (a gift from me:)
Shoes - Vintage


  1. What fantastic vintage finds! (I actually laughed out loud at the thought of Anton shooting out the window.)

  2. I love your dress. So cute! Your boyfriends BB Gun experience reminded me of A Christmas Story. "You'll shoot your eye out!" :P

    :)- Stephanie

  3. Sounds like one unfortunate bb incident. Mind you, could be worse. Some friends of mine once ended up pushed to the floor with hand guns pointed at them two a piece when the police thought their bb was a regular gun. Well, they shouldn't have shot the phone booth ;)

    Love your dress :) - sweet photos :)

  4. you two are adorable :) i love what you guys are wearing. lovely.

    in response to your sweet comment - i actually haven't been to THAT many thrift stores in SF (i'm still searching for good ones) but, you should go to Thrift Town in the Mission district, and you should go the the Haight (haight and ashbury area), cause they have a lot of vintagey stores, and a goodwill. so you could thrift there. also the haight is just cool in general haha.

    xx elanor

  5. you guys are such a cute, well dressed couple! and your little brother is so cute! happy birthday to anton!

  6. Such a cute day! You two are adorable. That dress is so beautiful and is so flattering on you!

  7. Awww happy birthday to little (well BIG now) Anton!!! You look super adorable in your dress! ;)