Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving & Ukay Finds

So yesterday's trip to Divisoria ended up being a success..It didn't start that way though! We woke up at 7 A.M. so we could take public transportation there because there is hardly any parking..We took the first bus to the train station, and the train ended up being broken..We waited around for a taxi for 2 hours before deciding to just take a bus back home..We didn't end up getting back here until 11 a.m! We then drove to Quapo because I guess that is where the Ukay-Ukays are..I ended up scoring 4 cute dresses..And Daren looked inside 10 or more camera stores. We then drove to Divisoria where we got swatches of all sorts of fabric. Daren and I have decided to start a manufacturing company here in the Philippines..With NIWL we got all our garments custom made, and there are a lot of other companies who are looking to do the same.

This dress is one of the great finds I discovered yesterday. It only cost 75 pesos which is equal to $1.50! There was actually a black out so I could only see in the corner of the store with a light from a candle, all I saw was polka-dots and I knew it was for me! I shoved it in my purse after purchasing it to continue on, and I was pleasantly surprised once I got home and looked at it.

Outfit Details
Dress - Vintage from Ukay-Ukay
Belt - Vintage, from a great store in Yucaipa that donates 100% of it's money to disabled children.
Boots - Vintage, thrifted while in California. I finally own something brown to wear them with!

Happy Late Thanksgiving by the way! I hope everyone had a fun day with family and pumpkin pie.
While growing up this was always my favorite time of the year! I loved when my whole small family would get together. I would eat too many deviled eggs before the rest of the food was ready. We would all joke during dinner, and once the dishes were done we would all play Yahtzee. Best of all, before I knew it, it would be Christmas, and we would all get together again! These are memories I will always hold in my heart. I am sad I wasn't able to be there with everyone this year, but I am very thankful for my life, and all the opportunities in it. And heck, there is always next year! I called my dad during their dinner tonight, and I asked my littlest sister Kira what she was thankful for, and she replied with "My sister!" I almost cried, haha.

Oh! Do you like my new header?! Daren made it for me!


  1. Great find on the dress!

    And Im loving the new header!!

    CC xXx

  2. I love your outfit…so cute..and your header is cute too! very well done.

    happy thanksgiving sweetie. I hope you had a good one!


  3. That dress is fantastic and it fits you so well. I adore the pockets and sleeves.

  4. oh my.....this is the cutest outfit you've ever worn i think! the dress, the belt, the shoes!!! everything is so pulled together and perfectly vintage. so adorable.

    love the new header too!

  5. Wow! Great thing the polkadot catch your attention in the dark thrift store! it a perfect little find! Look Amazing! :)


  6. Oh goodness I adore your dress and you are awesome.

  7. you like me! you love patterns from stripes polka dots & floral! and yes color!!