Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has already come and gone here in the Philippines. I didn't dress up in a costume or anything. All day I actually only saw 2 children dressed up in costumes! It is strange because a large amount of stores around here decorated for Halloween, but hardly anyone was dressed up.

I sewed up this orange skirt last night so I could look festive today. Daren and I were supposed to fly out to Boracay (a beautiful island where his parents live) today, but a typhoon blew through and the weather was awful. We went to walk the dogs this morning and the wind was so strong it had unbuttoned the buttons on my jacket. By the time we came back inside we were soaked! The weather is back to normal now so we are flying out at 6 in the morning tomorrow. We spent most of the day at the mall across the street. We went and saw This Is It and snacked on delicious chocolate caramel cake and mochi!

Outfit Details
Grey Shirt - Forever 21
Coat - Forever 21
Skirt - Home made
Boots - Reflections

Oooh my reflection is spooky! Hahah!
Happy Halloween!


  1. i made a poison ivy outfit to wear on halloween, but ended up ill and couldnt go anywhere =/

    but your skirt really matches the holiday, and wow, sewed it all in one night? i take ages to do one piece!

  2. Not that many kids dressed up in my neighborhood, either. I love your Halloween-esque skirt! Very fun!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Your dad was friends with Nikki Sixx!?? Crazy! That must've been insane times for your dad! What an era...

  4. hooray for sewing your very own skirt! i wish i had the patience. it looks great. love those boots too.

  5. Gorgeous skirt! You have great style!