Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Come and Get Your Love

Over the weekend, Anton and I celebrated our four month anniversary! Time has flown by, and I honestly have never been happier in all my life! I actually got him to come out and take some photos with me.

Outfit Details
On Kass
Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Necklace - My cousins?

On Anton
Shirt - Vintage
Pants - Levis
Shoes - Vintage
Hat - Vintage

& just for fun! Me and Chrys!


  1. Oh, I love this dress! It looks so sweet on you! And congrats on the anniversary, you two are an adorable pair :]


  2. aw, these are so cute! i love couples pictures. and your dress is lovely, that pink is such a fun color.

  3. This pink dress is super cute. i love the shape and style of it. Adorable.