Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yesterday, my best pals Chrys and Cody called me saying their car broke down in beautiful Prospect Park. My boy and I drove down their to see if we could help them out..Turns out we couldn't, but we had a fun time exploring the bamboo forests.

Outfit Details
Dress - Forever 21
Sunnies - 99 Cent Store (what a deal and so perfect for me because I'm constantly losing them.)
Belt - Vintage
Moccasins - Thrifted!!

Check out best friend feet. I got my shoes for only $3 at my local thrift store! They were like new, and the new ones cost $36. I was so excited.


  1. That is a pretty dress. I would've sworn it was vintage, if you hadn't said it was from Forever21. And may I ask what kind of dog that is? It's the cutest thing ever!

  2. You look absolutely divine in that dress and bamboo forest around you! cutie pie! especially that sweet sweet dog of yours!

  3. Beautiful dress. i love that pattern. And your shoes are amazing.

  4. I love how you accessorized your outfit, the belt and sunglasses are to die for!! And very nice dress!!
    having a give away check my page out if your interested :)

  5. i love your sunglasses!

    cute blog :)

  6. these pictures are fabulous- as is your blog .

    love the dress, the sunnies et shoes- your style in general :) .

    thank you for your comment and do follow 'betsie' for regular fashion updates .

    oh, ps- adorable fluffy dof .

    betsie .

  7. I love your hair, it's so pretty and the bangs are awesome! I'm following you now (no creepiness intended) lol Can't wait to see your next outfit!

  8. great blog..i'll follow you right away

    xoxo sere