Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Black Dress

Dress - Vintage (from my grandma)
Shoes - Chrystina's
Bow - local store in my town!

This past weekend, my dad went to Vegas to visit his girl, and I was left to look after the kiddos. I finally got a new car! (i blew up the motor in my old beauty, my little vw rabbit 6 long months ago) and we've been having a blast. Our local thrift store had a 50% sale these past 3 days, and we went to 2 of the day and got so many treasures! Mostly items for around the house (and man, i don't mean to brag, but i have sure made this house cute since i moved home), but I picked up some gorgeous vintage dresses for Kira, and she adores how different they look to all the modern day clothes. We spent a lot of time at our new favorite park, they have 2 ponds and the kids are allowed to feed the ducks!
I need to get better at posting, it's on my goals list for this week! School is ending, i'm just feeling like I have no weather appropriate clothes for this amazing 40 degrees we've been feeling in Yucaipa.


  1. Congrats on the new car! What kind of car did you get? Cute dress. You wear vintage so well.

  2. That dress is so stunning on you; the fit is amazing!

  3. i love 50 percent off thrift days! i usually get on them by accident and its such a score when i get to the cash and realize im getting a score! i hope to see picture of your house soon.


  4. I love your hair, it's so cute!! You remind me of some girl from the '50s, which is absolutely lovely :3

  5. Love the dress! Wish I could be on a picnic right now and not ankle deep in snow!

  6. love your dress, its beautiful!