Monday, January 3, 2011

A year in review

Well, 2010 was definitely my year. I moved home after living in the Phillippines for almost a year. (dang, i did love the Philippines though). My life changed COMPLETELY but I have never been happier. I made so many wonderful friends, reunited with my best friend since childhood, got two pups, worked at Walmart for about 2 months (it was actually fun!), got in my first (and last) fight (don't ask haha), and became mama wolf of my family (which has been challenging as well as rewarding). My papa passed away this year, but I am so happy to have made the decision to come home. I got to spend a lot of days with him.

These are photos that were in my photobooth that recap my year, the first one I was actually in the Korean airport on my journey home. The last photo was on New Years Eve (I had the stomach flu sooo bad.)

Here's to 2011!!!!!

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  1. wow... what an incredible experience it is to live abroad isn't it? I totally love the photos as well