Monday, November 15, 2010

My New Favorite Dress!

outfit Details
Dress - Vintage; thrifted
Belt - Philippines
Sunnies - Vintage; thrifted
Shoes - Chrys's

I bought this dress for $10 over the weekend at my favorite thrift store. I wore it to class today, and I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I'm weird, but oh well. Sorry about the ugly background in my photos..The sun is setting way too early, and I had Chrys take these photos as we were exiting a thrift store this afternoon. I didn't want to miss the chance in this dress!

How are you enjoying the time change? I left the time on our stove an hour ahead (instead of moving it back) and I've been getting all the kids to bed at 8:30 (because they think it's 9:30!) am I mean? or just clever? I'm loving this extra hour of peace though!


  1. Love the dress and *so* much your hair - so long and bohemian; I have been trying to grow mine out forever!


  2. The time change means that I look out the window at 5 pm, and it's already getting dark. D: It's quite a downer, though the extra hour of sleep back when time fell back was nice.

    This outfit is reminiscent of breezy hippie chic to me-- I'm envious that you get to wear such a cute sundress in November!

    Toast with Charmalade