Monday, December 28, 2009

The Gift

Outfit Details
Dress - Designed by Daren!
Shoes - CMG
Headband - Greenhills

This dress was late Christmas gift from Daren..He actually designed it, went and bought the fabric, and then had our seamstress make it for me! Our seamstress forgot about us until this past weekend, but when she finally came, she brought this beauty with her! It was certainly worth the wait..It has all of my favorite things, a full circle skirt, and nice cotton bodice, and of course the big polk-a-dots! Who could resist twirling around in it? haha. Lately, we have been having a hard time finding new locations for photos..The rules around our building are strict, and say we must have a permit, and obtaining one has been so hard! So, we just took photos in the mailbox room of our building.


  1. What a lovely gift! It's such a beautiful dress, the skirt looks like it moves really nicely.

    Florrie x

  2. Wow, that is so cool. What a great boyfriend

  3. Wow, what a wonderful present!! That is so neat of him to design you a dress, lucky girl. You look lovely in these photos! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well, thanks for the holiday wishes. Have a great New Years!!

  4. This looks is awesome. The skirt is really cute and your hair is fantastic.

  5. hi kass.
    thanks for the lovely comment.
    sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

    anyways, good to know you here and glad to know that your parents have a new house in Bora. Saw your previous photos from Bora. Do you like it there?

    you're so cute. love the polka dot dress.

  6. your photos always look so proffesional! your gorgeous and so is that dress. :)

  7. I love polka dots. You have a pretty retro style that's suit you very well. greatings from Paris!

  8. Wow this is amazing! This skirt is so pretty and you look gorgeous in it! ;)

    -Coco From Our Paper Moon

  9. it's a great gift...luv u're dress...
    thanks for u're sweet comment. i appreciate it...

  10. I can't believe he picked everything out for the dress.. it is beautiful! What a great boyfriend you have who knows your style well!

    PS- I am super jealous you live in the Philippines!

  11. such a lovely skirt - you look straight out of mad men!

  12. cute cute dress!! I like that you used the mailroom, lol it makes the pictures unique and you stand out great! I really like your blog, it's very cute!

  13. Great pics
    I loved the outfit!


  14. I love the mailroom as background! And you look very pretty in the close-up shot as well.