Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Feather Necklace

The other night, Daren and I decided we would swap one small Christmas gift each...His was a box full of 20 or so guitar picks (he is always loosing them!) and new guitar strings...Mine was this awesome feather necklace! I decided to make a whole outfit based off the necklace, and I knew my freshly hemmed Ukay find would match perfect.

Outfit Details
Dress - Vintage, From Ukay-Ukay here in the Phillippines
Sweater - From the bazaar that was held near our house this past weekend
Necklace - Gift from Daren (that he also purchased at the bazaar.)
Shoes - CMG

Man, these photos made me realize I need to get my bangs cut ASAP! haha.


  1. you always look so lovely in your pictures :) and that is an adorable red cardigan.

  2. beautiful necklace.. such a good boyfriend to pick that out! these are wonderful photos.

    haha, and the pictures i put up on my last post made me think the same thing about my bangs! i made an appointment for a trim that night!