Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello World!

My name is Kassie, i am 17 (Almost 18!!!). I love pretty dresses, curly hair, cartoons, old punk rock, & indie music. I started this blog to record my life and the fun fashions within it! Ever since I was in the 7th grade, I have had a huge love for 40's and 50's fashion. I love going to thrift stores and hunting for the perfect article of clothing. It is fun to wear a vintage dress, and imagine how fabulous the original owner may have been. A few months ago I challenged myself to try and dress cute everyday regardless of whether I am going out, or just staying home, so expect plenty outfit posts :)

So here is my first post!

Outfit Details
Dress - Forever 21
Belt - somewhere in Philippines
Tights - Forever 21 haha
Ankle Boots - Thrift Store in calimesa *(they were only $3.00!!)

Bye for now!
Love, Kassie